8 Useful Ways to Control Your Mind

Oftentimes we unwillingly let other people control our thoughts and our actions. Now it’s time to break this habit, free your mind and take back control of your overall life. Recently I read a research that claims people who can’t control their minds live a shorter life than those who know how to keep their thoughts in order. If you feel like you need to unclutter your mind and get rid of negative thoughts, here’s what you should try to do:

1.Use your own experiences
You may want to move somewhere abroad but your friend says they got a bad experience in that country. They recommend you to stay where you are and their doubts are understandable. While safety is always priority, don’t let others prevent you from doing what you think can improve your life and health. Listen to others but make a final decision based on your personal experience.

2.Develop your imagination
Developing your imagination is a great way to take control over your thoughts. We are surrounded with things we don’t want to see. When you have a well developed imagination, you think positively and no external factors can prevent you from feeling amazing. It also helps you visualize your dreams and make them come true. Just because someone is in a bad mood and think negatively doesn’t mean you should feel miserable too. Imagine your success and ignore all their attempts to spoil your mood and life in general.

3.Don’t gossip
My coworker can’t fall asleep peacefully if she doesn’t spend at least 10 minutes gossiping. She says she feel awesome when gossiping. Gossiping is actually a bad idea. You may think you take control over someone’s life as you see all their flaws and know exactly what they should do to solve their problems, but in fact, you let your interlocutor control your thoughts. Avoid gossiping like the plague and, of course, people who enjoys spreading gossips and rumors.

4.Don’t let anyone manipulate you
It’s impossible to control your mind when someone manipulates you. They get deeply into your head, take control over your thoughts and slowly ruin your life. Manipulation is a common thing these days. We face it at work every other day. Of course, you can’t quit your job because of it so it’s best to learn how to stay away from manipulative people.

5.Express your disagreement
Not everyone is brave enough to tell that they don’t like something, especially if no one supports their opinion. However, if you want to take control over your thoughts and unclutter your mind, don’t be afraid to say that you don’t like this or that. You don’t want to suffer from this or that, thus express your disagreement and your feelings whenever possible.

6.Figure out what you really want
All successful people know what they want from life. If you don’t, you`ll always have to follow others’ wishes and you will have to do what your parents want, what your partner says or what your friends advice. Choose your direction and follow your own rules and wishes. Setting your own goals is an important step to healthier mind and body.

7.Cut negativity out of your life
Do you often meet people who say something negative about life, friends, relationships family, work, etc? If you do then try to speak about something positive and change the subject of the conversation. If it doesn’t work, just avoid communication with negative individuals in your life because you may gradually adopt their world view and this is not what you need.

8.Don’t be afraid to be yourself
Regardless of the situation you are in, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Following the crowd will never give you what you want. You will only do what others want, and it can’t make you happy. If your thoughts differ from your friends ones, don’t follow their path just because they are your friends. Your life is your way so be brave enough to walk it even if no one joins you now.

Keeping your mind clear and happy isn’t as simple as it may seem. Even though our thoughts are invisible and no one can say what we’re thinking about, it’s easy to control people’s minds. You want to be successful, positive and be the owner of your life – take control over your thoughts by following these simple tips. Don’t follow the crowd and make all important decisions without anyone’s help. Don’t let anyone use your life for their purposes. Are you the one who takes control of your mind?


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