LGBTQ+ Is A Threat To Human Race

Is there any good thing behind this proposal that Ghanaians do not know except those will get monetary and material benefits from it to the detriment of the nation?To a lay man like me it is obviously NO.All LGBT+ will do is to destroy our

8 Useful Ways to Control Your Mind

Oftentimes we unwillingly let other people control our thoughts and our actions. Now it’s time to break this habit, free your mind and take back control of your overall life. Recently I read a research that claims people who can’t control

9 Solid Ways To Protect Yourself From A Trojan

Trojan horses in computing work exactly the same: they pretend to be what they’re not to get inside your system and put your computer under siege. Hackers use various social engineering techniques to trick people into downloading malware,

Five Advantages of Shower Sex

There are many reasons why you and your partner should get intimate in the shower. Unless you try weird positions, shower sex is safe and fun. It doesn’t feel like a typical way of sharing love. Having fun together with a bar of soap and