Bawku Central NPP Parliamentary Candidate Madam Gabiana Gbanwaa Caught In A Tape Hatching Anti Development Agenda

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The people of Bawku Central constituency woke up to news of a shocking tape in which Madam Gabiana Gbanwaa is heard on a telephone conversation hatching a diabolical agenda to frustrate all development efforts by the sitting mp honorable Mahama Ayariga.

Madam Gabiana Gbanwaa is the Bawku Central NPP Parliamentary Candidate for the 2020 elections. She has demonstrated in clear terms that she places her personal inordinate parochial interest far and above the development of Bawku.

In the said tape, Madam Gabiana is heard complaining bitterly and attempting to direct the MCE honorable Hawa Ninchema to deny honorable Mahama Ayariga any access to his MP’s share of the District Assembly’s Common Funds which he uses for development projects such as rural electrification and the drilling of boreholes.

Madam Gabiana in a frustrated voice is heard confessing that, if her directive against Hon Mahama Ayariga’s use of the MP’s share of the District Assembly Common Funds is not carried to the latter her chances of becoming an MP would continue to be bleak.

It is her view that, the constituency should be left under-developed so she could use that as a basis for the realization of her inordinate ambition to become a Member of Parliament.

The NDC has taken notice of such a desperate attempt by the NPP parliamentary candidate and we urge the general public to call her out as the desperate politician that she is and punish her for what she really is. Her pretence to love the people of Bawku Central is hypocritical and therefore, unfortunate. What we find more bizzare in the said tape is her claim that, the common fund belongs to the NPP and therefore Hon. Mahama Ayariga should not be allowed to have access to it. Such ignorance is not only legendary but unfortunate particularly as it is being uttered by a person seeking to lead the good people of Bawku in the august house of Parliament. Since when has the tax payers’ money become NPP money? After admitting the failure of her government to do rural electrification, she now wants to ride on a wicked and desperate path for an undeserving partisan political capital in her desperation to become an MP.

Madam Gabiana Gbanwaa has also admitted her bad relationships with the honorable MCE and then wanted to use someone to hatch a dishonest lie about the MCE. We would like to send her a strong signal that she is free to continue her long held agenda to undermine the work of the MCE with the ultimate aim of getting the MCE out of office. An agenda which has failed on several occasions.

The NDC is not surprised at the height of desperation by Gabiana Gbanwaa as that has been her style and true intentions. Why on earth will anyone aspiring to lead Bawku be making such frantic efforts to frustrate the development of the very constituency you claim to love and want to lead?

This is not the first time she has displayed such opportunistic tendencies. It will be recalled that, some time this year, Madam Gabiana claimed ownership of electricity poles that were made available to the various District Assemblies by the Northern Development Authority (NDA) as her own. She continues to interfere with the distribution of these poles in order to deceive the people of Bawku as though she bought the poles with her money.

Again, we saw madam Gabiana throw all caution to the wind in an indecent disregard for the authority of the MCE and Municipal Assembly to commission boreholes drilled by the NDA under the supervision of the Municipal Assembly with funding from the tax payers sweat. Its obvious that these desperate political gymnastics is what has finally exposed her true desperate intention of wanting to be an MP at all cost.

By this release, we call on Madam Gabiana Gbanwaa to either deny or confirm the authenticity or otherwise of the content of the tape.

The people of Bawku Central deserve better and not a desperate politician who’s vile intentions have been exposed.This definitely can not be a woman whom the people of Bawku Central should entrust with their votes.

Honorable Mahama Ayariga is however unperturbed by such wicked machinations. His record in the area of rural electrification is unmatched. The NPP has not been able to extend electricity to even a single community in Bawku Central since assuming office. Hon. Mahama Ayariga’s role in providing water for his constituents is unprecedented. He has drilled hundreds of boreholes across the constituency and that explains the desperation by Gabiana Gbanwaa and her collaborators.

Madam Gabiana is not a parliamentary material and her true intention of wanting to frustrate development of the constituency calls for her outright rejection at the poles.

We shall overcome such evil manouvering.





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  1. Sadat says

    Even if the said audio is true, what she Is saying is a fact

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