Bawku Youth In Kumasi Advocates For Peaceful Election

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Natives of Bawku and its adjoining districts living in the Kumasi Metropolis are making a strong case for Ghanaians to maintain the peace in the country during and after the 2020 general elections.

They want all stakeholders to join the campaign for peace to sustain the progress being made as a country with a common destiny. 

At a maiden conference organised by the Bawku Youth Association in Kumasi for natives of Bawku, Tempane, Garu and Zebila, the participants unanimously called for peace ahead of the December polls. 

The conference was aimed at bringing all natives of the Bawku enclave in Kumasi under one umbrella to promote their own welfare and also contribute to the development of their hometowns. 

Having witnessed years of conflicts and its repercussions on the socio-economic development of Bawku, the Association dedicated the maiden conference to the fight against violence as the election approaches. 

The Chief of Bawku Youth Association, Mohammed Issaka Naaba Weiley, said Bawku had enjoyed peace for the past 12 years and that they had a role to play in ensuring the gains were consolidated.

“There are chances that politicians may want to exploit the youth to serve their own interests through violence and that is why we are urging our people back home not to engage in any activity that could trigger violence,” he noted. 

“We don’t want Bawku to make headlines for the wrong reasons in this year’s election after going through three elections without any disturbances,” he added. 

He said though there had been peace in Bawku since 2008, it was imperative to remind the people of the devastating consequences of the days of the conflict to ensure perpetual peace in Bawku and its environs. 

He entreated members of the Association in Kumasi to be responsible citizens and stay away from any form of violence. 

They should concentrate on their work in order to earn a decent living which informed their migration to Kumasi.

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( The Chief of Bawku Youth Association, Mohammed Issaka Naaba Weiley )

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