Dr Thomas Winsum Anabah Has Been Vindicated The Second Time Running

Listen to Hon Agyeman Manu, the man who wickedly collaborated with Prez Akufo Addo to terminate the appointment of Dr Thomas Anabah Winsum as Medical Director of the almighty Ridge Hospital, that late Prez Mills and Mahama built. Dr Anabah’s appointment was highly competitive and meritorious. He gracefully performed his duties excellently as a Medical Director and health expect until this man did the unthinkable.

In an interview with the media Dr Anabah then, questioned both the President and the health minister Hon Agyemang Manu what expertise he Manu had was bringing on board to leverage the ministry? He also questioned Hon Agyemang Manu competence and if he had, he should prove it for Ghanaians to judge but that wasn’t contested by the minister.

Dr Anabah did not mince words when he called the government bluff and asked Ghanaians to rise up and talk against social injustices happening shortly after Prez Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo took over power. He exalted Ghanaians to speak against these elligalities else the country will pay dearly for these bad and unlawful decisions taken with partisan minds. Dr Anabah was emphatic if not categorical about a possible gargantuan, abysmal performance and gross failure ahead of Mr Manu turner as health minister and promised to ask him before Ghanaians to account for all the losses during his stewardship…. This too has come to pass.

Read Mr Agyemang Manu self confessions about his incompetence when he faces the parliamentary committee sitting to investigate the contractual agreement between Ghana and a wanted criminal who supplied MoH with Sputnik V covid19 vaccine for Ghana.

“I made an error in not seeking parliamentary approval in Sputnik V transaction, I also did not seek cabinet approval” ~ Kweku Agyeman Manu, Health Minister

How can you think properly when your no1 thought is on how much is in it for you rather than how much is in it for the 30 million people of Ghana?



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