Election 2020: Vote For A Man Of Integrity Not A Man Of Rhetoric

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Ghanaians have always been a patient people, a people with expectations. Our democracy gives every leader 4 years a term within which to perform and fulfill all his campaign promises. What we collectively abhore and detest is corruption and every leader who it is alleged to be corrupt has incurred the anger of the people.

In the 2016 campaign and elections, the mere perception of corruption resulted in Ghanaians voting out a well performing government of president John Dramani Mahama. Looking back at JM’s government in comparison to the Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo government, one cannot but feel sorry that we did this injustice to ourselves.

2 BILLION DOLLARS of our tax payers money was lost because of the corruption of this NPP government. 51% of the $2b assets of ECG was transferred to PDS, a fraudulent company form by one family for the benefit of that family only.

This government led by the Akufo Addo family formed this fraudulent PDS company to take over our national asset ECG for the benefit of his family. For six good months, they collected our monies in the form of bills and yet did not pay a pesewa for taking over ECG. PDS succeeded in collecting over a 1billion ghana cedis from consumers. When we found them out, this govern hasn’t found any one culpable but rather this same president under whose watch this fraud happened is asking for 4 more years yet he has not taken action to retrieve this money.

This matter has been a scar on this Akufo Addo NPP led government since 2017. This government intentionally and maliciously sold 5 MILLION LITRES of oil to businesses they knew very well did not have licenses to deal in any such legitimate business. It’s obvious who benefitted from this deal. Because to date, not a pesewa has been paid back or accounted for this dubious deal.

This can only be the work of magicians, fraudster of course for 500 excavators to vanish from lawful custody. These excavators were confiscated and kept as evidence to prove that the activity was illegal.
Interestingly these excavators did not just vanish, but were found with NPP party members including NPP members of parliament.
Even the gold confiscated cannot be accounted for. How then can this government, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo ask for 4 more years?

Nana Addo and his government claims to have spent GHC550 BILLION on food distribution for only 3 weeks for just parts of 3 regions. Unbelievable as it may be, they have since failed to account despite persistent request by the Auditor General on how this money was spent. We all know the faith of the AG on the need for accountability.
One clear fact was that, this food distribution was given to NPP party functionaries.

This deal was entered into by president Mahama to provide emergency power during the energy crises. One fact that cannot be changed is that president Mahama solved the power or energy crises before leaving office. NPP has not added a single megawatt of energy to our national grid.

Rather Nana Akufo Addo’s government on the assumption of office inflated the contract amount by $880 MILLION. It should be obvious that these people did not come to add progress, they came to grab as much as they can from the Ghanaian people.

President Akufo is directly involved in all these deals because, it is a known fact that he gave executive approval for this deal. The alertness of Ghanaians led to the resignation of the then energy minister but despite this, no investigation has been conducted into this fraud.

This scam and criminal act happened in the office of a direct appointee of president Akufo Addo, in the office of the then deputy minister for youth and sports Pius. He was rewarded with another portfolio as deputy information minister. A clear tacid endorsement of fraud and corruption.

President Akufo Addo’s own appointed Special Prosecutor has called him the mother serpent of corruption. He allowed his family to cook this deal for the exclusive benefit of him and his family and cronies to the exclusion of his own party members and foot soldier and a grand theft against the people of Ghana.

There is every reason to kick the Nana Addo government out of power and deny them an extra day in office beyond 7th January 2021. The fear of this 2020 elections has forced the government to put all shady deals on hold. They are sure to revive them in the unlikely event of another term. Let’s genuinely ask for accountability from Nana Addo and his government by voting them out. This way, every government will be put on notice that every thing you do, will have consequence and a day to account.

The Auditor General, Special Prosecutor, Manasseh Azure, Anas Aremeyaw and all persons known to make attempts at fighting corruption and to safe guard the public purse have all been whisked out of their jobs or intimidated into submission or live in fear for their lives. This cannot continue, not for another 4 years.

We owe ourselves a solemn duty to kick this government out. December 7th offers Ghanaians this opportunity. Vote change, Vote for ACCOUNTABILITY, vote PROBITY, vote for a man of INTEGRITY not a man of rhetoric. Vote for your future. Vote John Mahama, vote # 2.

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