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“He Was A Common Mason Like Saddiq; The Northerner Who Does My Work – A Pepeni”

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The above statement is the exact words stated by Ejusihene of the Ashanti Region.

The said statement is a clear signal of an inhuman attitude, lack of respect and clear distinction of human races when it comes to our political difference. Oguakro Afrane Okese IV made the comment when a contender and victor in the just ended NPP parliamentary primaries, John Apontuah Kumah and his supporters thronged his palace after he was declared the winner of the election on Saturday afternoon.

This is telling us that, the NPP as a party doesn’t value northerners as many people usually thought and hold.
They usually use us and get their political gains and abandon us.
But, this statement by the chief,” common Mason” labeled to a Northerner in which not only Northerners are Masons will help many of the Northerners who works tirelessly for the npp party to learn a lesson.

When I heard of this, I was left with doubt as to where in our constitution Northerners have been disregarded with regard to the insult made by Ohene Oguakro Afrane Okese IV in the name of an insult comparism.

The chief deliberately insulted Northerners because, Hon. Owusu Aduomi is a civil engineer by profession as rightly outlined by the chief.

My fellow northern brothers and sisters, this is how far the NPP party has seen northerners to be.

“He was like a common mason like Saddiq, the Northerner who does my work” .
Irrespective of the political party affiliation by the chief, it clearly shows that, if you are a northerner and is affiliated to the npp party, it will be considered intellectual dishonesty if you don’t quickly advise yourself and know that there is some kind of discrimination in the npp party between northerners and sourtherners.

His notion is uncultured, inappropriate and highly disgusting as a leader speaking to the hearing of every Ghanaian.

This nasty comment from him, pears my heart as a citizen and native of the North.
I call on Ohene Oguakro Afrane Okese to attend to the people of North the following questions:

1 what have we done wrong as people of the North deserving such a verbal abuse from him?

2 on what condition had he taken the northerners to be his merge Mason and who is not any other thing to him but” Mason” ?

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3 on what conditions had he seen northerners to be in his comparison tools?

  1. is it the philosophy or the rule of the Npp party to insult northerners without any crime?

5 Is he telling us he is more important, respected and valued than the people of the North?

6 what crime have northerners committed to deserve this insult?

The good people of our motherland Ghana, stakeholders, opinion leaders, especially the chiefs, elders and great men and women of the North, as a citizen and son of the North, I call upon the good people of the North to learn a lesson from Ohene Oguakro Afrane Okese iv, who have displaced his position as a nonpartisan and for that matter Ejusihene of the Ashanti region and now seen himself a politician and a partsan member of the Npp party.

He now thinks that he has the right and audacity from H.E Nana Akufo Addo and Bawunia led administration to liken northerners as his mere” Mason” in the house.

This is absolutely an insult to every Northerner.
I’m convinced without any iota of doubt about the culture and racial( to him not by color but by region and tribe) discrimination by Npp. This is clearly from the horses own mouth.

My advise to my brothers and sisters from the north is that, two cannot walk together unless they all have a common destination.
If that is the motive of the Npp party, then what commoness have with the northerners?

The chief came out yesterday and apologized to Hon. Owusu Aduomi, the incumbent mp of his constituency who he labeled as a ” fool” leaving the northerners he insulted following his comparison.
Ejisumahen decision to apologized to the defeated aspirant leaving the northerners is another clear signal that, a priority is given the MP who is a southerner over the entire northerners he insulted.
My northerners brothers and sisters, how do we feel after the chief’s insult to an individual and an entire tribe and later see the importance of one person neglecting the entire northerners?

A word to the wise is ….

By Akure Albert Mbawini

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