I Killed Tutu After He Defrauded Me-Ada Woman Confesses

I Killed Tutu After He Defrauded Me-Ada Woman Confesses

Actor Tutu died under a mysterious circumstance a few weeks ago. The actor reportedly fell ill for a while and died later.

Following his death, his mother accused unnamed colleagues in Kumawood of killing him as some pins were reportedly retrieved from his throat.

The latest update on his death is that Tutu was allegedly killed by one Ada market woman who he defrauded of GHC 200.

According to Nana Hoahi, a woman contacted him to help her retrieve her GHC 200 from Tutu after he defrauded her by claiming she was going to double the money for her.

The woman revealed Tutu claimed on TV that when you send GHC 200 to them, they will give you GHC 2000 but after she sent it, she couldn’t get them to honour the deal or even pay her GHC 200.

After trying many times without succeeding, she contacted Nana Hoahi to help her to retrieve the money.

According to Hoahi, he wasn’t able to help the woman as he wasn’t part of the deal. The woman replied Tutu won’t chop her money scott free but she would put an embargo on his voice and kill him later.

Tutu’s mother in an interview said:

“I asked what the problem was and he said he felt pains in the throat. He said when he coughed, he saw blood in the phlegm. He couldn’t eat, he couldn’t drink water. For the past three weeks, he hadn’t eaten,” the devastated mother said.

She continued that “so, the next day, I decided to prepare soup to be sent to him. Osei came back home and slept in his brother’s room. Unfortunately, he couldn’t eat. And truly, for about two weeks, he couldn’t eat”.

Asked if there were symptoms around his throat, she responded: “His throat was not swollen, nothing showed there was a problem with the throat.”

She detailed that due to the severe pain and how restless her son became, she was extremely worried. She added that his son later sought spiritual assistance. “He told me it was a spiritual attack from the movie industry. And that, when he sought help from a spiritualist, nine pins were removed from his throat,” the mother said.

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