LGBTQ+ Is A Threat To Human Race

Is there any good thing behind this proposal that Ghanaians do not know except those will get monetary and material benefits from it to the detriment of the nation?
To a lay man like me it is obviously NO.
All LGBT+ will do is to destroy our cultural values, soiled our religious image, detach us from our creator, invite curses upon the nation and finally invite the wrath of God upon ourselves.

It sounds so worrying that previous governments strongly kicked against this proposal in several occasions but this government and some few cohorts are vehemently supporting its implementation. What are your indelible facts and strong evidence to prove that. (Have you forgotten that the president openly said repeatedly that this will never happen in Ghana under his watch as President?).

Once again I ask my question, ” Is there any good thing behind this proposal that Ghanaians do not know except those or few individuals who will benefit from it?
It is a high time various religious leaders and leaders of organizations to stand up and strongly kick against this proposal since it is an attempt to silence their voice. I say it is an attempt to silence their voice because when sin is legalized in a country the only thing left for that country is to pass a law to arrest preachers of the truth.
LGBTQ+ is the last sin on the diagram of immorality and beyond that there is nothing again. It is different from all other sin and is very dangerous to human race. Preachers will soon be arrested for saying the truth should this proposal is materialized all in the name of ” Rights of people”.

This proposal has nothing to do than to lower human identity to animal .
What separate human beings from animals is our moral compass and when the moral compass is lost the human being becomes worse than an animal.

We are told by the Holy Bible that God burnt down the whole city of Sodom and Gomorrah because of this same sin in the city that we have now modified it into LGBTQ+.

He burnt down the city because when people are down to that level of sin they can not go lower beyond that. When a country accept to legalize LGBTQ+, it means they have lost their senses as humans and the reason God created them.
As a concern citizen of Ghana, I want to challenge our government, particularly the president of the Republic of Ghana and all well meaning Ghanaians never to accept any offer that will be given to them be it internally or externally to legalize this evil trap in our country and reduce our identity as Ghanaians to animals in Ghana.

Concern Citizen from Binduri.
( Azure Johnson Samadu).

  1. Mumuni Abdul-Ganiw says

    That’s marvelous

  2. Sedinam says

    May God help us

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