Mahama Centre Opened

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A social service centre code named Mahama Center was opened yesterday to the public in Accra on the Nima Kanda Highway.

The Center gives legal, financial and social counselling to the public especially the Zongo and deprived communities.

The Founder of the Center Hon. Baba Jamal Esq. explain that the Center gives free advice to its clients and where the advice sought is not available, we link up our clients to other professionals who we work with.

He further stated that it is sad that many people in the Zongo and other deprived communities lack basic advice in their lives, things like career choice, legal aid, job opportunities, marriage counselling, health and many primary advice to give them a little relief and this is where the Mahama Center comes in.

He made it clear that even though the center sympathises with the principles of the NDC especially their manifesto, the Center is open to all persons who needs help.

When you come to the Center WE don’t ask you about your religion or party. WE deal only with your problem that brought you to the centre, Hon. Baba Jamal added.

According to the Secretary to the centre, Mr. Musah Ali, the Center works with other social service Centers across the country so when they have a problem in the regions, they link up with organisations to deal with them.

Some dignitaries at function included the National Organizer of the NDC, Mr. Joshua Akamba, Hon. John Domelo, Aywaso Wougon Parliamentary Candidate, Mr. Horoya Ali and the Member of Paliament for East Ayawaso, Hon. Mc Nasser Toure Mahama who did the Opening ceremony.

In his speech as the guest of honour, Mr. Akamba praised Hon. Baba Jamal Esq and his team for this great initiative to support the deprived communities. He stated that such vision by a former government appointee goes a long way to support the vision of the former President John Dramani Mahama. He urged all former appointees to emulate this great vision from the Mahama Center and contribute positively to the second coming of the NDC instead of following JDM everywhere and showing off only when the President is watching.

Several young girls were given donations of sowing machines, hair dressing machines and clean up excessive equipment to set them up in business.

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