RE: The Saglemi Political Movie On Metro TV

Dear Senior E.T Mensah,

An elder does not sit at home and watch a tethered goat deliver in the band. I thought that was going to be forever true until you proved that you are the only elder in the world so far who is capable of watching the tethered goat deliver.

It is also an old adage that the hen does not reject its coup no matter how it smells from its own droppings. You might be wondering where exactly you are now; an NDC member, a floating voter or an NPP member in your own consideration. What drew me to pen this missive to you?

It is the movie you starred in on 4th August, 2021. You gave a befitting entertainment to those who employed you for shame; Akufo-Addo and his despicable cohorts!

Sir, we used to say a hungry man is an angry man. I remembered during Kufuor’s regime you were branded a hungry fly following President Kufuor everywhere for daily bread. That was after you were served to BNI mosquitoes to inject some malaria in you. Ever since it appears it was not only mosquitoes that fed on you, some strange elephants gave you serious lessons.

Suddenly you began to fight your own party that brought you up well. Anti-party behaviour never left you to the extent of repeating your following duty at Akufo-Addo. I heard you even said he is your close friend. So he facilitated your election as Greater Accra regional representative on the Council of State. Bingo!

You played your political card well. But wait a little. It became clear you did not know akufo-Addo well even though he is your acclaimed friend. The mother serpent of corruption is a modern day Trojan horse.

On Metro Tv on 4th August, 2021 you were made to go on air to spoil the air as a smokescreen to cover the #fixthecountry fire that engulfed the unpopular Akufo-Addo administration.

You did not see it coming. You ended up disgracing yourself to please your master. You see this is just the beginning. You were happy your fellow comrades were being politically harassed over nothing and the best instrument they can use is you; an insider. The insect that will sting you is always in your cloth.

The NPP studied and discovered you are a proper mole who can be used to attack your own party. Your unfounded bitterness has driven you into the enemies’ hands. Usually we know how your likes end up.

NPP dumps when your use is not important to them again. Ask Papa Alamisi Martin Amidu. You will watch your steps from today for your dear life. Have you asked yourself why Alban Bagbin’s convoy is getting accident frequently?

You know the elephant is not happy with his occupancy of the third most important position in the country coupled with the fact that he is proving stubborn for their manipulation.

Anger I see is ruling your heart. It is time you check it. You cannot destroy the mighty NDC. Goosie Tanoh, Obed Asamoah and others tried and backed down. You have enjoyed too much from this party to betray it the way you are trying to do. The saglemi movie has ended.

Kindly remove the monkey’s hand from the boiling pot of soup before it turns to human. Let your conscience return.

May be on 21st September, 2021 you may appear on another show to tell the country where Akufo-Addo is hiding the PDS loots; that will be a nice watch. See you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Assibid Dauda
(Binduri Youth Activist)

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