The Illegal Gazette Of The Self Acclaimed Chief Of Asamankese Likely To Cause Chaos, Must Be With-Held And The Perpetrators Must Be Brought To Book

The Chief of Aworasa Barima Pobi Asomani ii who is also a member of the Royal Akua Korang Abrade family of Asamankese have called on the government to intervene to avert a possible mayhem at Asamankese traditional area.

According to him, it has come to him as a surprise pending the documents relevant enough for the government to carry out with investigation on one Kwasi Obeng who parades himself as the Chief of Asamankese but he is not to be gazetted by the Registrar at the Eastern regional house of Chiefs based on the evidence and documents he have which would be available always for perusal.

He noted that, in the high court of Justice Ghana, Koforidua held on Thursday, 16th June 2016, before his Lordships Justice Henry A. Kwoffie, justice of appeal sitting as an additional High court judge ordered and awarded a cost fine of sentence against the Queen mother of Asamankese Ohemaa Akosua Birikoramah and her son Kwasi Obeng and again awarded cost in favor of the Royal Abrade family of Asamankese.

Barima Pobi Asomani ii further informed the press that, a consensus and agreement was reached at the Oseawuo division at Akyem Wenchi of the Akyem Abuakwa traditional council in the presence of Dasebre Dr. Nyarko Asumedu Appiah the Oseawuohene on 8th February, 2017. The Abusuapanin Kwasi Kuma from the queen mother’s lineage admitted and confirmed that there is no chief at Asamankese and the regent is Gyasehene until the matter is resolved for a fresh nomination is done to enstool a new Chief when both parties finally reaches a consensus as said in the ruling from the judicial committee at the Ofori Panini Fie at Kyebi. Meanwhile, the so call ‘self acclaimed chief’ is illegally parading himself as the Chief of Asamankese and he is preparing and planning to celebrate a festival called “Ɔboɔdwan” on 21st November, 2021 which is not familiar with the Asamankese stool. “He must be brought to order by authorities of the law before we stop him this time around” he added.

Upon investigations, a document have been fished out proving otherwise of what both parties agreed before the Oseawuohene on February 8, 2017. The Registrar by name Mr. Richmond Persawu at the Eastern regional house of Chiefs has illegally stating in the document that there is no pending case or appeal against the installation. Meanwhile, it is this same registrar’s office and jurisdiction that the queen mother of Asamankese who is the biological mother of Kwasi Obeng who purports himself as Osaberima Adu Darko iii who has been illegally gazetted filled an appeal on 20th November, 2017 and later went to withdraw the appeal on 26th February, 2020. The withdrawn of the appeal by them gives the indication that there’s no chief at Asamankese and therefore they go by the initial ruling from the judicial committee at the Ofori Panini Fie at Kyebi. This action has come as a surprising and criminal if proved right to have seen a Registrar who’s office and court an appeal was filled in 2016 and was later withdrawn in 2020 to give the green light to a party in the pending case to be gazetted on November, 2018. “He must be arrested, Barima added”.

The entire family of the Royal Akua Korang Abrade family led by Barima Pobi Asomani ii are calling on the minister of chieftaincy Affairs, the inspector general of police (IGP), the attorney general, the chief of staff, the Parliament, the national security, EOCO, Eastern regional police commander, MCE West Akyem Municipality and all well meaning Ghanaians to intervene in this chaotic unlawful act by the registrar to prevent clashes between the two parties.

signed ✍️✍️✍️
Barima Pobi Asomani ii Chief of Aworasa
Contact: 0248576452

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