The Mother Ghost Is Not Different From Baby Ghost

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Binduri have not been exempted from the delusion echoing sound of the ghost which has a clear deceit sound deploring as
an echoe caused by the baby ghost in Binduri known as Hon. Abanga.

The Npp party as a matter of fact has appeared to be like a glowing light but in normal sense the people swim in the shadows of darkness.

Hon. Abdulai Abanga, the parliamentary candidate for the Npp in Binduri as they say is a genetic character of the mother ghost (Npp).Is true

The Npp PC’s is now making mockery of the good people in Binduri by following the “mother ghost” H. E Nana Akufo Addo the president of the republic of Ghana who have taken Ghanaians for granted.

The action of the PC in Binduri is a clear sign of deceit and the good people in Binduri have to understand that! As they’re say ,the little knock that knock is the knock that keep on Knocking to lean to it , the elders says that, the one who lies to others doesn’t also know that the one listening also have wisdom.

Funny is the Npp government and Hon. Abanga for the continues song of empty promises and eloquent liars to the good people of Binduri and Ghanaians as a whole.

Kuloku Natenga is a typical example of Hon Abanga excellent liars.

He shamefully, came one day and was moving round with the elders of the community claiming that their are looking for better place where the water table Will be of good quality to dug the borehole.

According to him the said borehole were to be completed in two weeks time but as it stands now Mr baby ghost promise has not been visualize over six months now. This is highly pathetic

Lucky enough, the place was found and even as I speak the borehole is a ghost in it reality!

A person who is desperate for leadership and seeking for our mandate to be come our leader ought desist from this deceiful promises, for it will help him.

The good people of Binduri are sincerely pleading Hon Abanga to kindly pick his laggards from the bosom of the devil who is the mother of all liars. As they say a wiseman will always learn from the pass.

For all what we know about the Npp is clearly happening in Binduri. A fathom of liars!

We are highly not surprise of Hon Abdullai Abanga uncultured and inappropriate attitude to the good people of Binduri that is why an African Proverb says that, the child of the rat is a rat.


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