The Revered Intellectuals Opposing The Anti – LGBT+ Bill Are Modern Day Pharisees

A legal Practitioner and a former Deputy Minister of Employment and Labour Relations has described the revered intellectuals who are fighting against the Anti-LGBT+ bill before parliament of Ghana as modern day Pharisees. He states that the intellectuals are behaving like the revered Pharisees who opposed Jesus Christ when he was preaching the gospel.

Hon. Baba Jamal made this statement on OK FM in an interview with Kwame Nkrumah Tikese.

Mr. Jamal said the intellectuals have let the country down at the time their professional expertise is needed. ” These are very revered personalities but they have disappointed many Ghanaians by their stance which is out of tune with societal and moral norms of Ghanaians” he added.

He further stated that the Pharisees of the old Opposed Jesus Christ and wanted his death him dead but their opposition never stopped the work of Jesus. Their and selfish interests as leaders of society then was defeated by the popular will of the people.

We are witnessing a similar scenario today and It is heart warming that the truth always triumph at the end of the day and that is why we encourage the sponsors of the bill to stand firm because Ghanaians stand with them against the modern day Pharisees.

Story by Odiasempa Kwadwo Agyei Eastern Region

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