‘Thor’ Hammer going up for Sale in Movie Memorabilia Auction

‘Thor’ Hammer going up for Sale in Movie Memorabilia Auction

The famous hammer Chris Hemsworth wields as Thor is hitting the market and the auction hammer is expected to slam once the bidding gets into the six figures.

The movie prop, known as Stunt Mjolnir Hammer, is from the 2011 Marvel Studios film “Thor” and is expected to fetch at least $100,000 next month in one of the world’s largest live auctions of film and TV memorabilia.

Propstore is handling the auction and they’re also seeking bids on super cool items from blockbusters like ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Back To The Future,’ ‘Cast Away,’ and ‘Freddy vs. Jason.’

The auction is projected to rake in $9 million when the dust settles and the most expensive item is likely to be a screen-matched ILM ‘Red Leader’ X-Wing Starfighter model miniature from ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ with the estimated bid between $500k and $1 million.

There’s also a light-up, full-size DeLorean time machine replica used for official Universal Studios promotional events from the ‘Back To The Future’ trilogy and it’s expected to fetch between $150k and $200k.

For the Tom Hanks crowd, there’s a screen-matched distressed Wilson volleyball from “Cast Away”, a carefully crafted item with an estimated winning bid of $80k to $120k.

Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Thor’ Hammer going up for sale in Movie Memorabilia Auction
For the horror fans, the auction includes Freddy Krueger’s protruding bladed glove and sweater SFX rig from 2003’s “Freddy vs. Jason” and it’s expected to go for at least $15k.

These are just some of the 1,800+ rare and iconic items going up for sale during Propstore’s Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction which is going down from June 22 to June 24, live from the auction house’s U.S. HQ in Valencia, CA and streaming online.

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