Withdraw And Apologize For Your Divisive Tribal Comment

1st October,2021.

We have become aware of a tribal and divisive jerk that went into the recommendations of the Dan Boatchwey led vetting committee that vetted and recommended the just appointed Metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives.
Mr. Dan Boatchwey and his committee opted to play tribal and divisive mantra in recommending one Amadu Hamza as the Municipal chief executive for Bawku.

We are not just saddened with the committee’s tribal recommendations, but deeply worried, especially with the timing.
The committee, stated in its recommendations:


  1. Amadu Hamza
  2. Ibrahim Amando Abdul-Karim
  3. Ustarz Jibril Abubakar”

“The committee recommends Mr. Amadu Hamza for nomination MCE

The committee further recommends Mr. Ibrahim Amando Abdul-Karim be appointed to a role and nurtured to become the party’s parliamentary candidate in 2024. He has widespread. Mr. Amadu Hamza knows the constituency very well. He is a two-term secretary of the constituency. He is a Moshie, and his appointment will forge unity in the constituency, which is dominated largely by Mamprusis.”

Sadly, no other nominee throughout the country was recommended on tribal considerations. We are therefore in total dismay as to why such immature pronouncement went into the recommendations of Amadu Hamza.

In as much as the tribal comment of the vetting committee is clothed with dirty lies and does not have any basis, we however wish to state that such comments does not promote the peace and harmony that well-meaning Ghanaians are yearning for in the municipality.

Finally, we are by this statement calling on the committee to retract and apologize to the good people of Bawku and Ghana at large for the infantile tribal lies.

Thank you.
Signed ……………………..

Abugri Rauf
+233 24 792 6861

Communications Officer
Akugri Gadafi Avokbil


Akugri Rashid

All Media Houses.✅

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